Air Wheel Q1





Welcome to the future !

The latest Airwheel Q1 is born to challenge and conquer.

Inspired by the timeless circle curve, Q1 features a groundbreaking design.


Intelligent Balancing Chip


Aviation Attitute Control
Powered by the most advanced processor worldwide:
Top architecture and significant performance improvement,
capable of processing 1024 flops per second and monitoing real-time data.


Intelligent Mobility


Riders can control the vehicle to go forward,accelerate
decelerate, brake, etc. by
leaning forward or backward.


Super Portability


Lighter, more portable and space-saving
Q1 fits easily into your trunk.



Hi-Tech LED Panel Concise and Modern


Build-in LED Power Level Indicator
Concise look with build-in LED indicators
Dust-proof | Water-proof | Dropping-free




Maximum Speed About18km/h(alert activated at 12km/h)
Range per Charge About 18-23km(may vary with rider’s weight,road condition and temperature)
Safe Climbing Angle About 15° (riders weighing 60kg get up to 18° )
Battery 130Wh / 170Wh / Lithium (protection board with SOC equalization)
Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C (best at 20°~30°C)
Weight Limit 120Kg
Charger Voltage AC 220V 50-60Hz
Charge Time 130Wh: About 90 min (80% charged in 60 min)
170Wh: About 120min (80% charged in 80 min)
260Wh: About 180min (80% charged in 90 min)
340Wh: About 250min (80% charged in 160 min)


Size 466*348*189mm
Pedal Height 100mm (when dismounted)
Tire Size Ф295 mm
Main Body Weight 10.6kg


Standard Charger,Training Band, Extended Pump Nozzle
Optional Backpack, LED Flash Light, Pressure Gauge


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